Who Will be the Next Indonesian President?

Indonesia’s parliamentary election has just ended. If the quick count result are to believe, the PDIP party comes out as the winnter followed by Golkar and Gerindra. The candidates from those three big parties will also compete for presidential election come 9 July 2014.

Joko Widodo (Jokowi), Abu Rizal Bakrie (ARB) and Prabowo Subijanto (PS) are the presidential candidates who offically stated the intention before the 9 April parliamentary election. That’s said, they have not yet declared who will be their running mates to be their would be vice president.

Who will come out as the winner and be the seventh Indonesian president? Many would say, Jokowi has a bigger chance to win the race followed by Prabowo.

Who will you vote as your choice for your president on 9 July?

Free CO.CC Domain Discontinued

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The famous free sub-Domain provider CO.CC has been discontinued totally since November 12, 2012. You will not able to create a new account or login to the existing account you have created previously. All domain that has been created before are also disappeared.

There are no official reasons why CO.CC services was stopped. Buat I guess they are running out of funds and nobody or company else were interested to acquire it.
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