Arabic-English Dictionary Free Download

Arabic-English Dictionary kamus arab indonesia Free DownloadI need a free download Arabic-English dictionary which is comprehensive enough to cover both classical and contemporary / modern Arabic, something you won’t always find in every Arabic-English dictionary.

I found the VerbAce Arabic-English dictionary 2008 is up to my expectation. Free download is what everyone want. And VerbAce is a free software.

For Indonesian, you also can donwload for free kamus Bahasa Arab-Indonesia / Bahasa Indonesia – Arab here. And kamus Bahasa Inggris – Indonesia / Bahasa Indonesia – Inggris here (also for free).

The Arab-Indonesian dictionary is not so comprehensive, if there is a techno geek who can convert the VerbAce into Arabic-Indonesian it’d be a lot better.

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    A person who will die one day
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  3. Hei u must do the Malay-Arabic

  4. Thanks so much Brother, its really useful infos.
    I think Arabic is complete grammar language.

  5. it is geat that you want some thing and got it
    i have in my books but happy to see at net
    thannks jazak allaha

  6. aku nak download kamus la bukannye nak tunggu sampai kiamat baru nak dapat!!!!!

  7. wow, it’s very helpfull…

  8. Wow! That’s some really awesome blog you have! By the way, great post! Good luck! ;)

  9. hamad munirudeen

    Very important

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