Export Import Blogsome to WordPress

export import blogsome blog to wordpressHow to export import migrate Blogsome blog posts / articles / contents to WordPress blog with xml wxr file or Sql dump (mysql) backup file. Applied to self-hosted wordpress and wordpress.com blog.

There are two options to migrate (export/import) your Blogsome content to self-hosted WordPress blog. One via RSS feed xml file. Another through sql file.


  1. Why any need to Migrate?
  2. Migrating Blogsome to WordPress via RSS
    1. Export Blogsome RSS Feed XML File
    2. Import to Self-hosted WordPress Blog
  3. Migrating Blogsome to WordPress via MySql Dump file
    1. Export by Saving Blogsome Sql Dump File (MySql Backup)
    2. Import to Self-hosted Wodpress Blog
    3. Import to Self-hosted Wodpress.com Blog (Free Services)

I. Why any Need to Migrate from Blogsome to WordPress

Blogsome now has closed any new registration / sign-up. Which means it’s a matter of time when Blogsome will close down its free services entirely. So, for those who blogs a lot in Blogsome blog, it’s urgent to save their posts/articles by migrating (export/import) them to WordPress powered blog before it becomes too late.

II. Migrating Blogsome to WordPress via RSS
II.1 Step 1: Export/import Blogsome via RSS Feed

  1. After login to your Blogsome account -> Dashboard -> see the number of posts you have (at bottom right) and write it down. Example, 562 posts.
  2. Click Options -> Reading ->
  3. Reading Options
    1. Blog Pages -> Show at Most -> type all number of posts, in my case 562
    2. Syndication Feeds -> Show the Most Recent -> type 562 posts (see screenshot) blogsome 2 set all posts and feed
    3. Click Update Options to save.
  4. Now, Go to yourblogname.blogsome.com/feed. E.g. http://example.blogsome.com/feed/
  5. Save the feed page with xml format:
    1. After opening http://example.blogsome.com/feed/ -> click File in the browser
    2. Save Page as -> name the file with xml extension like this: blogsome.xml
    3. Save it in your pc / laptop.
  6. Done. This blogsome.xml file will be used later to export all blogsome posts to WordPress blog.

II.2. Step 2. Import the Blogsome xml file to WordPress Blog

  1. Login to your self-hosted WordPress blog -> Tools
  2. Import ->RSS
  3. You will be redirected to install RSS plugins
  4. After installation -> browse to Blogsome xml file. Example, blogsome.xml. Wait for a while.
  5. Done. All your Blogsome posts are imported to your self-hosted WordPress blog.


  • This method will only import Blogsome posts, not including comments, trackbacks or pages.
  • The xml file you just saved could be exported to Self-Hosted WordPress blog, not WordPress.com.
  • After saving the RSS xml file, you may return the option in your Blogsome post to previous settings.

III. Migrating Blogsome to WordPress via Sql file
You may migrate Blogsome blog posts/articles to self-hosted WordPress blog using Sql file backup. It is capable of importing all of your blog contents including posts/articles, comments,  and static pages. However, the importing process is very difficult and challenging. Often times it ends up in failure. So, don’t try this if you don’t know what you’re doing or lest you’re wasted a lot of your precious time.

III.1. Saving MySql backup (Sql Dump) file from Blogsome Blog

  1. Login to your Blogsome blog admin -> Manage ->
  2. Click Backup link ->Save File -> name and save it to your computer in zip format blogsome sql dump
  3. Unzip it. Done. (the unzipped file will be used to import to WordPress)

III.2. Import Blogsome MySql File (Sql Dump) to Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

  1. Login  to your website/blog cpanel (http://website.com/cpanel)
  2. Install WordPress. Using Fantastico is recommended
  3. Login to your WordPress Blog (blogname.com/wp-login.php) and make proper settings.
  4. Back to your Cpanel -> phpMyAdmin to export your SQL for the just installed WordPress
  5. For more details, refer to this site and this site (particularly for non-latin/UTF8 characters’ blog).

III.3. Import Blogsome MySql File (Sql Dump) to Wordpess.com Blog
Is it possible to export/import Blogsome Sql Dump to WordPress.com? Yes, with the help of WordPress.com support team.

  1. Assuming you have a WordPress.com blog, create one first if you don’t.
  2. Send an email to support@wordpress.com (Attention: Mark) 
  3. Attache the zip file of your Blogsome Sql dump and ask his help to turn it into XML or WXR (WordPress eXtended RSS) format for export/import purposes to WordPress.com
  4. Once you get the xml/wxr file, all you need is this:
    1. Login to your WordPress.com blog.
    2. Tools -> Import -> WordPress
    3. Browse the Blogsome XML /WXR file ->click  Upload files and import.
    4. Done.

    Further reading on this regard.

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