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How to create Favicon for WordPress.com
Now you can create your own personalized favicon in your wordpress.com blog. Worpress.com like to call it Blavatar that is a favicon avatar (small picture) in wordpress.com. Here’s how to do it:

  1. After Login -> Settings  -> General
  2. At Blog Picture / Icon -> Browse to your image in your computer  -> Upload an image
  3. Crop / Cute the uploaded image -> click Crop Image -> Done.
  4. Now check your website, you’ll be seeing a favicon beside your URI address like my favicon (my close-up pic) above.

Wish you luck!

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  3. Nice post.. Thanks for share…

  4. [...] How to Create a Favicon in WordPress.com

  5. Thanks for the information.
    This article really helped me.

  6. favicon in wordpress.com is used for me. thanks for share

  7. Langsung dipraktekkan, thanks for share

  8. Thanks atas Tipsnya ya mas… Bakal tambah cantik nih Web Saya nantinya…

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