Free CO.CC Domain Discontinued discontinued closed down
The famous free sub-Domain provider CO.CC has been discontinued totally since November 12, 2012. You will not able to create a new account or login to the existing account you have created previously. All domain that has been created before are also disappeared.

There are no official reasons why CO.CC services was stopped. Buat I guess they are running out of funds and nobody or company else were interested to acquire it.

I am still a bit fortunate, however, that I still got referral payment in November 2, 2012. I never expect that those affiliate fee was the last one. On September 2012 I sent a letter to admin protesting why they so late in sending referral payment for about two months. No answer came. It’s until November 2 the final payment was sent and a few days after that they closed down the entire site.

So, as for as affiliate program goes, it’s not scam at all. During the golden days it paid regularly. discontinued

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  1. thank’s for sharing info

  2. sayang sekali, tapi sekarang bisa mendapatkan sub domain + hosting gratis dari idhostinger

  3. terima kasih artikelnya…

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  5. apa sampai sekarang domain tersebut masih mati?

  6. thanks for info,,,, gog job

  7. memang domain cc sudah tiada skrg