Indonesia Media Starving, None Feed Them

What I’d like to say is that I barely found any Indonesia media which have feed/RSS version of their websites. I come to know that annoying stuff when today I wanted to put a feed of Indonesia and world newspapers headline in the sidebar of this page. I remember only Media Indonesia which has feed/syndication, but it turns out to be invalid! So, how and why? It’s impossible the media webmasters and the boss don’t have a clue about the feed things; and/or it’s unlikely they (webmasters) are too ‘busy’ to do that.

So, why? Some possibilities: (1) The editors or managerial board do not consider it as necessary from business point of view ; (2) The webmaster also don’t tell the managers about how important it’s to “feed” their website to beef up the traffic and popularity; (3) They’re all aware of this simple technology but simply dont want to do it on the ground it’ll decrease the ads revenue.
For whatever reasons, I consider it as unreasonable. And for the time being, while waiting for a valid feed from mainstream media come to exist, I put BBC feed for international news and an Indonesian mailing list feed for Indonesia news. You can see it in the sidebar below the Amnesty International badge. It’s updated almost hourly. So, it’s nice to blog and wink at some breaking world news.

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