Our Loving Mother

If any true love ever exists in this world it’s the love of a mother towards her children. If any unconditional love which does not expect anything in return, it’s a mother’s love. I wrote in my Bahasa Indonesia blog that unconditional love is good and healthy on two things: the love of a mother towards her children and love of human towards one’s God. Other than these two, love should be and must be on condition of reciprocity. It’s especially true on the case of man-woman relationship.

An unconditional love of one party towards another will give the second party–either man or woman– a blank cheque to be corrupt; to easily tend to abuse such “unlimited power of love” against another. And finally the relationship will end up in a strange of love-hate situation and even a tragic climax of disappointment.

A balanced love, call it a reciprocal love, is good and healthy because like trias politica in democratic system of governance, it’ll give either party involved, i.e. the man and woman who are in love, a sort of “balanced of power” without which the love relation will easily deteriorate into lord-and-slave relation.

But mother-children relation is entirely different story. Our mother’s love is so intense yet so pure, so emotional yet so real.  She gives it without any future expectation of reciprocity. She’s happy to see her kids growing healthy. Her kid’s naughtiness doesn’t upset her a bit. She’s just happy to be able to love them to nurture them to nourish them and to see them happy. No more no less.

And because of that she deserves our unconditional love too. Our loving mother deserves a lot more than just this Mother’s Day [1]

[1] Indonesia celebrate Mother’s Day (Hari Ibu) on December 22 that’s today.

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  1. We Always love my mother

  2. We have to give our best love to our mothers although we cannot love as they love us. For the girls, they can feel how to become mothers after they give birth to their own children.

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