Playboy Indonesia (2)

Life seems to be so ‘colorful’ for Playboy Indonesia team management. After its office being attacked by Islamic hardliners, now it’s the turn of the office owner who wants them out on the ground that they’ve breached the contract agreement

According to the China’s People newspaper,

“A lawyer representing the building’s owner said Velvet Silver Media in the contract leased the building to run a production house.

But they published Playboy. It was against the contract and that’s why we ask them to leave,” the lawyer, identified only as Poli, was quoted by the Detikcom news website as saying.”

There’re many tips and tricks to get a lot of money in more elegant way without any need to fall trap into unnecessary controversy.

I dont know whether the editor and producer are a rookie who wants to steal a little bit limelight by making the publication happen, or mere a porn maniac who just wants to enjoy working what they enjoy watching. Either case, they’d better watch the porn movies and the original version of Playboy themselves instead of campaigning for it.

Indonesian society (mainly Muslims) has a long history of protesting any TV program, certain movies, and magazines/tabloids which they think will degrade morality on mass scale. The Playboy Indonesia editors and producers must’ve known those.

One thing that non-Indonesian needs to know is that people behind the anti-pornography campaign, or anti-Playboy in this matter, do not necessarily those who hate pornography at all cost. There are a bunch of them who enjoy watching porn movies or magazines, every now and then. They do it clandestinely, though. Not in front of their kids. And this is the point: porn is ok, but dont publish it in a open air. If you do, you make a mistake and face the consequences.

So, how about Playboy Indonesia which content no nudity? Two possibilities: it will stick to it (no nudity) or it’ll make it later when things start calming down. The second possibility is what lies in the mind of the attackers. In a country where corruption practices is rooted so deeply from top to bottom, hardly any people trust the law. When money rules, law is a joke. In the end, some frustrated people along with the hardliners take the law unto themselves.

Non-Indonesian should know this kind of mindset.


  • I’m a muslim, eventhough there is no nudity on the magazine.
    But I think this magazine have negative effect than its’ benefit….
    But I hate also violent and destructive action againts it…
    We should do that with a good way…

    SiloNovember 5, 2008
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