WordPress Affiliate Program

Alex King one of WordPress.org team unveiles the WordPress Help Center (WPHC) affiliate program.

There are two types of affiliates offered.

First type, affiliate for everyone: Anyone can earn referral money by registering as an affiliate and sending people to the WordPress HelpCenter.”

Second type, affiliate for authors of wordpress plugins and themes.
Register all your plugins and themes. Whenever we provide support for a registered plugin or theme, the affiliate developer receives a payment.

How much?

Get Paid, $1 Per Event

What’s event?

(1) Each time wp provide paid support on one of your registered plugins or themes, that is an event (applied for authors of wp plugins / themes only).


(2) Referrals with your affiliate code (even if the support is for something besides one of your plugins or themes) are also events (applied to everyone, could be the first and second type).

For example

* A user comes to your site looking for plugin support, and is directed to the WordPress HelpCenter from your affiliate badge.
* If that user chooses to get paid support from the WordPress HelpCenter, you would receive $2 ($1 for the referral, and $1 because we provided support for a plugin you registered with us).

In short, even if you are not using a self-hosted wordpress, you are still able to earn by referring people to WPHC by putting the badge in your blog or your email.

Join the WP affiliate here! and read more details about it here!

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