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How to Create Sticky Post in WordPress

Some readers who don’t know much about how WordPress work think that I rarely update my blog. The reason is two of old articles keep appearing in the frontpage namely Ten Reasons Why We Blog in English and English Media in Indonesia. Those two posts/articles are called sticky post. A post which is set to be sticky post will show on the frontpage for as long as you want it.

Here’s a simple step to make a sticky post (You can use two options)
Option 1

  1. After login -> Posts -> Edit -> Choose a post / article -> Click “Edit” on the post you have chosen
  2. On Visibility: Public -> click Edit
  3. Check “Stick this post to the front page” -> OK -> clik Update. Done. (see picture 1)

wp sticky post

Option 2

  1. After login -> Posts ->Edit -> Choose a post / article ->clik Quick Edit
  2. Check the “Make this Post Sticky” -> Update Post. Done. (see picture 2)

wordpress sticky post quick edit


  • Sticky Post is used when a blogger think that a particular post / article is important and wants it to be on the frontpage a little longer.
  • Option 1 may also be used if you decide to make a sticky post at the time you start writing a post. Use steps #2 and #3.


Apart from implementing Sticky Post in my frontpage, I also use Sideblog WordPress Plugins (also called, Asides, Miniblog, Sidenotes plugins) to make some of my posts are only showing in Sidebar i.e. in the Top Recent Stories (right sidebar). The reason why I used Sideblog is explained here:

…when I am not in the mood to write a long post or article, I write in the Sidenotes or Sideblog with a link or two to other blogs or websites. Likewise, whenever I found a nice link which I don’t have time to read now yet it’s too important to miss or just to share the link with readers, I save it in the Sidenotes. There are times when I write a long article (more than three paragraph) but I just don’t want it to appear in the frontpage for a reason or two, so I use this method.

So, if you want to know the latest article I write in this blog, just check out the right sidebar titled LATEST ARTICLES. You’d find what the newest post/article I’ve just written.

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